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  • Checker Flag Leasing (CFL) is a 20-year-old independent trailer leasing company that buys, sells, rents and leases trailers and trailer equipment from all manufacturers, specializing in food and beverage companies.


CFL first engaged Adbrane 10 years ago to do traditional and digital advertising that direct users online to the website. The objective has been and remains to be, support lead generation and spark contact between customers and its sales team. Adbrane currently leads all the traditional and digital advertising, media buys, website design and maintenance, as well as enhancing the sales team’s effectiveness with the right tool kit of materials Adbrane regularly conducts scans of the target customer groups to evaluate current sales and marketing strategy. In 2015 Adbrane launched a new website, mobile site, direct mailers and brochures, and designed an produced a new trade show booth.

As CFL’s Agency of Record, Adbrane has provided marketing leadership to CFL for over 10 years, developing multi-channel brand and marketing strategies that have helped drive CFL’s leading category position. Conducting on-going category research and sales and marketing audits has enabled Adbrane to identify opportunities to better tailor experiences to specific targets and their associated needs through a Customer Success Management portal. This portal provides a more personalized experience and content, driving an increase in new and incremental sales, maximizing the Customer Lifecycle Value and keeping customers up-to-date on their service records to lower instances of breakdowns.

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Brand Identity: Brand Strategy and Research, Concept Development, Logo Design, Brand Guidelines, Product Branding;
Marketing Collateral: Stationery, Brochures, Presentations, Business Materials, Brochures, Signage, Posters, Presentations, Promotional Materials, Trade Show Booth;
Digital: Content Mapping, Wireframe Development, Creative Ideation, Design, Development;
Marketing Campaign: Marketing Strategy and Research, Concept Development and Design, Creative Writing, Direct Mailing, Email Marketing, Print and Online Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search Engine Advertising.

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In 2015, Adbrane’s ads generated an increase of xxx calls a month. Digital advertising and SEO increased web traffic from referrals by 222% and direct visits by 144% that same year.

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