Our Services


Think of The Adbrane Group as your virtual marketing department and more. We are strategists, artists, writers, videographers and producers. We are a braintrust of talented professionals that will partner with you and scale to your needs. Our breadth of experience and skills, as well as our nimble and scalable structure, allows us to pivot and execute efficiently and effectively, much to the chagrin and admiration of your competitors.


Brand Strategy

The Adbrane Group approaches brand strategy as a continuous long-term plan that is designed to achieve a single goal – acquire the highest brand value in your target market. It’s the framework or roadmap that guides your vision and brand marketing objectives.

Adbrane takes the time to carefully understand the philosophy driving your organization. We work hard to develop a corporate focus that integrates your brand into employee behaviour and overall customer experience.

Our Brand Strategy Services Include:
  • Brand Platform Development
  • Brand Positioning & Recognition
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Messaging & Communication Strategy


Brand Identity

The Adbrane Group believes that when your brand value and identity is clearly articulated and replicated consistently throughout the market, you stand a better chance of differentiating your business and engaging your target audience.

From carefully crafted naming conventions, to logo development and visual styling, our team of creative thinkers work to ensure that your brand’s identity is an expression of your company’s position and personality in the marketplace.

Our Brand Identity expertise encompasses:
  • Naming
  • Logos
  • Visual Style
  • Guidelines
  • Brand Applications



By understanding the tangible layer that connects your business with the desired audience (the Communication Medium), The Adbrane Group formulates a Brand Communication Strategy that delivers the right brand message and imagery to incite your market to take action.

Our Brand Communication services include:
  • Print Media (collateral, packaging, advertisements)
  • Digital Media (internet, mobile and video)
  • Environmental (signage, displays, trade show booths)


Multi-Channel Marketing

The Adbrane Group knows that successful marketing is about delivering the unique, compelling and believable aspects of your brand to your target market. It’s knowing when to be subtle yet intriguing – and when to be bold and ‘in their face’!

From viral-electronic marketing, to public and direct, The Adbrane Group coordinates the development and execution of campaigns that are noticed, shared…and never forgotten.

We offer the following Brand Marketing services::
  • Digital Marketing (email marketing, social media, banner ads)
  • Public Relations (corporate events, trade shows)
  • Direct Mail (printed mailers, database marketing)
  • Search Marketing

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